Harder than a Rhino on Friday

Music. Mates. Mentertainment. More. Unleash that wild side and let your fur down. Crack open the black cans, turn it to eleven and let the good stuff flow. We know that all work and no play makes Pantha a dull cat. But what if you?re already a party animal or pumped up sporting superstar? Well keep it up you beast – share it with your friends, take them out and show them how it?s done.

Cut steel with your focus

Easily distracted? Double take take everything? Switch yourself on and start thinking so sharply you could make a panther?s claws look like butter knives. Whether you?re finding yourself flagging under the strain or simply not in the zone, a Pantha punch will get you into gear. Your mind’s like a razor? You?re a cut above the rest? No. Do better.

Dance like a butterfly

But don?t sting: pounce. Pantha hones your senses and will turn you into an agile animal of a person. Pepped up with caffeine, taurine and six vitamins, one of these black cans is sure to get you firing on all cylinders. Don?t get in the zone, be the zone. Don?t walk, run; Get you?re heart beating to the jungle?s drum. You already have fast reactions, you say? Well remember it?s not just physical. Jump at everything that comes by and say YES. React positively, quickly, be opportunistic, trust your instincts.

  Anything goes, and anyone is welcome. When Pantha fuels you to play harder, think sharper and react faster, you can be sure your adventures are best shared with the rest of our community. Keep an eye on our activity, and follow the pack.